Sales Tips for Parts Counter Reps

Tips to help you sell the right parts to your customers

Mates & Relates

Your main role is making sure your customer has all the parts they need to get their repair completed, then placing and managing their orders.

Checking for mates & relates is not “up-selling”, it’s supporting your customer by making sure they don’t have to come all the way back for a $5 part to complete a large repair. Customers appreciate when you’ve got them covered on everything they need.

Good customer service is giving them what they ask for. Great customer service is giving them what they didn't know to ask for.

How to get up to speed on Mates & Relates

There are important related parts for just about any major part your customer orders. You can view potential mates & relates in S-BOM as you're viewing a specific part in the parts list.

Parts U

Learn many top Mates & Relates parts for each commodity on Parts U:

Mates & Relates Cards

View the Mates & Relates and parts counter pro-level information for the top 10 most frequently ordered parts:

Parts Marketing News

There is a wealth of helpful information available in Parts Marketing News, such as:

ProTip: Sign up to receive new Parts Marketing News bulletins so you're always have the latest information for your dealership and your customers:

how to sign up to receive Parts Marketing News bulletins

What's Driving Your Customer's Purchase?

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Value Over Price

Komatsu owners have chosen to invest in a high-quality machine. Why would they want to compromise their investment by installing a cheaper, low-quality part during maintenance or repairs? Help them protect their investment.

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